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Build Better Teams
Redwing Institute’s Culture & Nature Discovery Walk is ideal for organizations focused on improving productivity, communication, collaboration, employee engagement, social inclusion and creativity & innovative thinking. It is a fully experiential outdoor learning journey, designed using evidence-based activities that develop:

  • PERSONAL STRENGTHS – Through the customs, beliefs and values of Toronto’s Indigenous People
  • COLLABORATION & CREATIVITY – Through a music-based activity
  • PERSPECTIVE – Through the teachings of the medicine wheel and a gratitude activity
  • ENGAGEMENT – By unplugging and mindfully interacting with the natural & diverse ecology of the Humber River Valley
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Gentle outdoor activity in beautiful surroundings

We invite you to learn more about the Culture & Nature Discovery Walk.

Read What Satisfied Clients Have To Say About The Experience

“I wanted to find a Team Building activity that was going to give our team a rewarding experience. The guys were thinking golfing and the ladies were thinking a spa day, however, I wanted an activity where we had a shared experience that would bring us closer together as a team. There was a bit of skepticism about an “inner city” hike, the result was WOW we had no idea of the beauty, peace and history hidden right in the center of Canada’s biggest city.

Redwing Institute’s Culture & Nature Discovery Walk was the perfect blend of outdoor activity, education and shared team bonding moments. We had a beautiful fall day, a super interesting walk, we all learned a great deal about local culture, history and ecology. It left us all feeling grateful and refreshed. The personality and positive psychology information was interesting as well. I would absolutely highly recommend this experience as an ideal team outing.”
– Laura Barclay, CPA CA, CFA, Vice President & Senior Portfolio Manager, TD Wealth Private Investment Counsel

Good For Participants And Good For Toronto Indigenous Women’s Community
A portion of your fee is used to fund a skills development program with Indigenous women in the community. This program ties these women back to their cultural roots in a productive way and promotes positive cross-cultural respect, partnership, relationship and understanding. Learn more about our partnership.

Group Pricing & Custom Programs
We would be pleased to work with you to meet your needs through a custom program based on your organizational goals including activity duration, group size and fitness level. Contact us at or by calling 416-894-9622.