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Redwing Institute School Programs

Engage, Educate & Empower Youth

Redwing Institute’s Culture & Nature Discovery Walk is ideal for both domestic and international students studying in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. It is a fully experiential outdoor learning journey in which students explore:

  • CULTURE – Social customs, beliefs & values of the Indigenous People who settled the land now called Toronto
  • HISTORY – First Nations oral history & past events
  • GEOGRAPHY – How the physical landscape shaped life along the river and relations with other nations
  • SCIENCE – Naturally diverse ecology that surrounds the Humber River Valley
  • PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Gentle outdoor activity in beautiful surroundings
  • CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT – Enhancing self-actualization, confidence, and social & emotional well being

As a parent, Redwing Institute’s Culture & Nature Discovery Walk experience was a wonderful introduction to Toronto’s Heritage. Their use of all the senses to teach and engage the children in learning from the land was phenomenal. The kids talked about their experience for weeks afterwards. There is something magical about learning outside in nature.
– Audra Dixon, mother of two children who attend private school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ontario Curriculum
The Culture & Nature Discovery Walk meets many of the Ontario Curriculum requirements including Social Studies, History, Geography, Science and Health & Physical Education as well as Character Development, the skills that build confidence, emotional intelligence and resilience in children for life success. We invite you to learn more about the Culture & Nature Discovery Walk.

Good For Students And Toronto’s Women’s Indigenous Community

A portion of your fee is used to fund a skills development program with Indigenous women in the community. This program ties these women back to their cultural roots in a meaningful & productive way and promotes positive cross-cultural respect, partnership, relationship and understanding. Learn more about our partnership.

Group Pricing
Large group pricing is available upon request.

Custom Programs & In-Class Presentations

We would also be pleased to collaborate on a premium custom outdoor program to meet your specific curriculum requirements, participant age and group size. We are also able to do onsite educational presentations.

Contact us at or by calling 416-894-9622.