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“Got inspired!!!”
- Cristina
“I feel as if I was invited into someone’s home as an honoured guest. Thank you! I got to meet Toronto in a new way.”
- Dian
“More than I expected.”
- Elyssa
“The walk was fun and rich with great content and humour. Thanks so much.”
“This is a great way to explore the more nature-oriented side of Toronto. Lisa is an awesome guide and very informative on indigenous culture. A must-do!”
“Good walk!”
“I found the walk to be uplifting as well as educational. In a time where we spend so much time ‘plugged-in’, it was superb to spend a few hours reconnecting with people & with nature.”
“Enjoyed it a lot. Great idea. Will recommend Redwing Institute to others!”
“I really like native and aboriginal culture so it was amazing tour for me. Thanks a lot.”
“I had a great time. Lots of useful, inspiring information;”
“This experience has given me an opportunity to see a history of toronto and a beautiful side of the city that I might never have known. It was a truly an eye-opening experience that has made me want to learn more about both Toronto’s history and the pre-European history of Northeast Ohio as well.”